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The Body Shapes of the World’s Best Athletes Compared Side By Side

Health and fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Every single one of these athletes is a certified bad-ass.

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Just a reminder - if you’re drawing a team superhero book and more than one of your characters has the same build YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG

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Notice how each of their bodies is suited to their specific sport.

The cyclist has thighs that could crush a watermelon, the high jumpers are lean and naturally tall.

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me when i first joined tumblr:haha i like your shoelaces!!! superwholockian 4 life! YES let's buy a tumblr island/university/cafe SO MUCH FUN!! DEAN IN SHORTS! supeRNATURAL GIF?!!!
me now:i hate this website it's so embarrassing


this is the best pun in tv history but oh my gosh the feels

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The new season is about gymnastic and rap battles, I’m so hyped !

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It’s a cute little thing though.

What a weird cat.

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